February, 2010

Bambu Freestyle, Interview on Soul Assassins Radio

Check out Los Angeles rapper Bambu during an appearance on Soul Assassins Radio with DJ Choc and DJ Muggs from February 2010. He also spits an exclusive freestyle.

Posted on Sun, 28/02/2010 - 13:34

411: Jay-Z On Shooting “Venus vs. Mars” & “A Star Is Born”

MTV Shows

At the Two Kings function with Cleveland Cavalier and close friend of Jay-Z's, LeBron James during the All-Star weekend in Dallas, TX last week. When hit up by MTV on his plans for videos he's looking to shoot next, Hov responded.

"I wanna shoot ‘Venus vs. Mars’, that may be the last one.. I wanna shoot two, I been shooting two at one time. I’ll probably shoot ‘Venus’ and maybe ‘A Star Is Born.’ But I definitely wanna shoot ‘Venus’ — I got an amazing concept in my mind."

There probably won’t be a video for “Stranded,” though.

I don’t think there will be a video. The number is ridiculous as far as the [money generated by the Hope For Haiti Now] album. I’m excited about the whole effort we put into the telethon. I don’t think it’s entertainment, I think it’s a real thing. It’s helping real people through a real tough time, and we’ll just move on from there.

He also talked about his next album.

I didn’t really start yet. I got a couple of scraps and I got a couple of ideas. I didn’t really go into the studio yet. I’ve been toying with ideas and direction and things like that. I got one crazy record. To be honest with you, it’s crazy. I got one and we’ll build from there. Whether it comes out this year or next year, it depends on the music and how it’s coming out. I don’t really have any dates.


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Posted on Sun, 21/02/2010 - 10:31

Interview: Ugly Duckling Fly South With Hiphop.sh

UGLY DUCKLING interviewed for Hiphop.sh // Street Press Australia

29th June, 2009
Picture three hip-hoppers who came together in 1993, straight outta Long Beach, California, two emcees and one DJ rocking a gold dookie chain and you won't come close to pinning the tail on the donkey. At an era where hip-hop's balance of power had shifted coasts down a lecherous path of hardcore reality rap, an ardent group became set on bringing back that pure ether of hip-hop. True artisans of rap, Ugly Duckling continue their forthrightness and steadfast resistance to sell their collective soul for the dangling carrot. While en route flying south, the guys drop in to paint their views of hip-hop, the audacity of a new President and illustrate their latest album.

How is the Australian hip-hop fanbase treating you while your down here?

Andy: We've only had very good experiences down under. In fact, I've always thought that the people were overly nice to us; it almost seemed to be a mercy-date. Like a pretty girl is going out with a guy who's terminally ill for the make-a-wish foundation. We can't wait to get back down there and perform for the people again because our collective self-esteem could use a boost.

A profile on you guys says U.D. are influenced from the Native Tongue movement, hip-hop on a conscious level seems rare in the spotlight, shining in favour of more materialistic rap. Do you see much of the Native Tongue ideology still practised?

Andy: Honestly, I'm not sure about any ideology and we try not to worry about other people's messages. the reason we loved the native tongue groups is because they made the coolest, funkiest, sample-based music and had creative song-writing style as well. In fact, black sheep, a great n.t. band, was a bit misogynistic but they still, on their debut album, created great music and great music from any era will always be our motivation. Great music is hard to kill.

Coming out of Long Beach in 1993, were you guys influenced much by the Snoop Dogg/Warren G etc. breakout in the same period or were you guys already in another headspace with your hip-hop, separating your identity from the over-popular 'Gangsta rap' of Cali?

Andy: At that time, we were surrounded by gangster music and it made having a career in the mid-90's impossible. that's why it took us until the late 90's to officially get a record out (we put one out on our own in 96 but it did nada). That said, it was nice to see people from Long Beach succeed and, truth told, we were cordially friendly with those guys (Dizzy and Warren G were class-mates and Snoop Dogg went to my senior prom) so there was some excitement and inspiration when they made it big. But again, all we try to do is make great music in which we believe and let the chips fall where they may.


Interviewed by Rip Nicholson // [email protected]

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Mixtape: LA Leakers x Cypress Hill - Leakers Of The Funk

The LA Leakers have put together this Cypress Hill “audio biography” - As DJ sourMILK and Just-N-Credible put it:

"We felt it was more then just an average 'Mixtape". It was a complete honor to do a tape with such legends as Cypress Hill. This is the Leakers of the Funk: Audio-Biography! A LOT of classics and a few exclusive records that may or may not be on their upcoming album "Rise Up" dropping April 6th!"



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Posted on Sun, 21/02/2010 - 06:41

Interview: Lyrics Born Talks Touring With Hiphop.sh

LYRICS BORN interviewed for Hiphop.sh // Street Press Australia

7th December, 2009

Leading the new vanguard of West Coast hiphop, Lyrics Born stays as active as ever, polishing up his fourth studio album in between jet-setting live heaters around the globe. Caught in Denver on The Deadliest Catch Tour, Lyrics has a story well covered and before he reaches out to Australia in the new year, The underground's most heralded performer takes time out to discuss his legacy as a leading tourist in hiphop and why he always looks forward to rocking Australia's summer.

You're hosting The Deadliest Catch Tour across the west coast then straight down here to Australia. How's the dynamic change from rocking a home crowd to bringing the same show down under?

It's great. It's not really any different as you may think. Every show I come to, every crowd I perform to I just bring the same attitude, which is - Kill it! I didn't come here just for vacation, you know. I hope to just drive everybody into a frenzy. I don't really look at it any different gig to gig, country to country, city to city.

A while back you played down here, Australia became part of your live album. Was it something down here that made Australia the tour to record?

From my point, my objective, my job is the same. On the Australian point, definitely Aussies love to party – pretty much harder than any place I've ever played. But I think it makes my job a little bit easier because, not that I'm trying to be lazy. [It's easy to feed off the energy] Exactly. One thing I noticed about an Australian crowd, they come to party, from the moment they walk in the door. I don't know whether it's the alcohol or the general culture you know what I mean... I can't keep up with 'em.

Your latest Season Pho mixtape drops soon is this pre-hype to the forthcoming album, As U Were?

Yeah it's already dropped and it's available worldwide and at Lyricsborn.com. Yeah the whole idea of the variety store series is it gives people a chance to see what I've been doing in between albums and gives people a sneak peek. I like to leak songs from the forthcoming album, so there's a few joints on there that are from As You Were.

Is this LP still building strength in the lab, or a finished product?

I'm almost done, I've got a few tracks left to mix. When I come home from The Deadliest Catch tour I'll dabble with it a bit more and it should be done.


Interviewed by Rip Nicholson // [email protected]

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Mixtape: Kid CuDi - Stoner Charm - DOWNLOAD HERE

New mixtape release from Shaker Heights' own Mr. Solo Dolo.

Kid CuDi - Stoner Charm

1. Stoner Charm Intro
2. Chip tha Ripper ft. KiD CuDi - Ask About Me
3. Chip tha Ripper ft. KiD CuDi - Can’t Stop Me
4. KiD CuDi - Catch Up
5. KiD CuDi - Dat New New
6. Find A Way ft. KiD CuDi - Santogold
7. Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Mr. Hudson & KiD CuDi - Paranoid G.O.O.D Music (Remix)
8. KiD CuDi - Embrace the Martian (Round Table Knights Remix)
9. Rollin ft. KiD CuDi - Jackie Chain
10. KiD CuDi - XXL Freestyle
11. 88 Keys ft. KiD CuDi - Wasting My Minutes
12. 88 Keys ft. KiD CuDi - Ho is Short for Honey
13. KiD CuDi - Can I Be
14. Alchemist ft. Evidence, Blue, Talib Kweli & KiD CuDi - Therapy
15. KiD CuDi & Asher Roth - Freestyle Jam
16. KiD CuDi - I Wanna Love You Girl Remix (live from studio)
17. KiD CuDi - Super Boo
18. KiD CuDi - London Girls
19. KiD CuDi - Paper Planes Freestyle
20. Kid CuDi - Biggest Grinder
21. K. Sparks ft. KiD CuDi - Take Em High
22. KiD CuDi - Love Stoned
23. KiD CuDi ft. Collie Buddz - Day N Night (Remix)
24. KiD CuDi - Swagger Like Us (Live Freestyle)

To download Kid CuDi - Stoner Charm (Mixtape) [CLICK HERE]

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Interview: RZA Talks Wu-Tang On Film With Hiphop.sh

RZA interviewed for Hiphop.sh // Street Press Australia

19th January, 2010

The abbot of Wu-Tang's conglomerate band of brothers, RZA AKA Bobby Digital AKA The Rzarector and a slew of other conceptual identities dependent on the current of creative air swirling around the genius who was born Robert Diggs, is making power moves on a Hollywood chessboard. A student under the wings of this generation's biggest cult director, Quentin Tarantino whom RZA refers to as the Master, is making grandeur attempts to bring the Wu-Tang dynasty to film, for eternal survival in a young man's game of hiphop.

Recently the Wu-Tang performed in Melbourne. Good to see almost everybody on stage. How was the chemistry during the event?

We had a really good time out there, the crowd was having a good time with us. We had a good time on stage. I think the chemistry and energy was great. We are trying to do a proper tour with the Wu-Tang Clan but that can be difficult. So I'm coming down, you know test the waters. Ghostface and GZA been down there. Now Method Man and Redman are running around right now. I'mma come down in February and bring my high voltage energy – getting' it ready for when the whole Wu-Tang Clan returns late this year or early next year. We are working out details for everyone to be involved, but right now you have the energy of RZA individually and have some fun and I'll build up a demand for the whole crew.

Is this to promote the new album, The Cure?

No I wouldn't say that. (laugh) It's really just to touch bases with Australia and New Zealand. I haven't had a chance to perform in the country for about five years, and then last year we did two dates, then ten dates so it's like you know, it's a long trip, a great continent, I think the energy of the people there are really driven and just right for my style of hiphop. I think the youth and adults have really grown to a level of appreciation for the music. So it's a real treat and pleasure to perform out there.

But I don't wanna pre-talk on that (new album), I've done some work with some good other musicians. We did the Black Rock project with the Black Keys and I've been doing some music for some buddies in Hollywood. I don't know exactly what I wanna do creatively yet to be honest with you. I'm having fun with music and that sound I've missed. Over the years I've been doing music and in the beginning it was all about fun and good times. Then we strived and got a record deal, then we have a career and started doing music for pay checks, you know what I mean. And if they didn't write me a budget I wasn't goin' in the fuckin' studio. That became a problem, so for the last two years I've been back in the studio makin' music for fun. Now I don't know what to do with it, and one day I'll decide what to do with it. Do I sell it or give it away, we don't know what we wanna do.

LA Times just announced your clearance for Man with the Iron Fist. I can't help think this was the next logical step for you, how does writing and directing film compare to scoring music?

Well its a whole 'nother world but it still reflects my creative, artistic nature but it's not an easy job, I gotta admit it's not an easy job to write the script and get it to the format we got it at and to be accepted by Hollywood and the elite people. It's taken a year, year and a half to get to that level. It's not easy but it's very fulfilling. When you get all that creativity out of you and give it to other people to appreciate it and say, 'Wow what a great story, what a great script.' It's something I've been working on for a few years and I'm really passionate about and I'm ready to share it with the world.


Interviewed by Rip Nicholson // [email protected]

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Rapper Shyne Signed With Def Jam

Latest reports coming from independent sources claim that recently exiled rapper, Shyne is gearing to sign a very lucrative deal with Def Jam Records. This comes within months of the former MC signed to Bad Boy Entertainment has been set free from a ten stretch for letting off a gun in the infamous New York club involving hot items P Diddy and J-Lo in 1999.

Taken from [MissInfo TV]:
[ - Multiple sources have confirmed to me that Shyne Po has signed a 7-figure deal with Def Jam.

This ends a bidding war that had industry bigwigs vying for Shyne’s attention, flying to Belize, calling and courting, ever since the Brooklyn emcee was released from prison and deported to Belize back in October.

For Shyne to turn down hard-court pressure from Jimmy Iovine/Dr.Dre and others and instead join LA Reid back at his last known recording-residence actually seems like an inevitable move….because I’ve been hearing that Shyne has been pow-wowing with veteran manager Kyambo “HipHop” Joshua for a while now. Joshua and his HipHopSince1978 partners, Gee Roberson, also manage Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy and more. Meanwhile, my old friend Al Branch is both a partner in HipHopSince1978 and a high-level exec at Def Jam…see how that works? Synergy! Now there have been recent reports of new label-wide pressures, but with this team in place, Shyne is in good hands.

As for the logistics, the plan is for Shyne to work out of London, it’s a buzzing hip hop hub with all the necessary facilities. Oh, and about that first verse which appeared on an early DJ Khaled album leak (and is allegedly scratched from the final tracklisting)…I’m hearing that Shyne didn’t intend that verse to be his first look. After nearly a decade inside, he’s allowed a little time to figure out what direction he’ll take. -]


Posted on Tue, 16/02/2010 - 12:44

Video: Nipsey Hussle Talks Debut Album Producers

Introducing again, Slauson Boy's own Nipsey Hu$$le takes time out from recording his debut album to talk with Hip Hop Official Mobile channel. Through the interview, Nipsey runs down producers queued to help build South Central State Of Mind, including DJ Khalil, The Runners, Scott Storch, QD3, Play-N-Skillz, Mr. Lee, J.R. Rotem & more.


Posted on Tue, 16/02/2010 - 07:54