Break Boys

Despite mainstream belief, b-boys do not necessarily break exclusively to hip hop. Original breaks from DJ Kool Herc, Bambaataa were taken from old soul and funk records therefore these dance moves were developed over this genre of music. If not this type, b-boys will prefer most break beats from ‘80s tracks. Modern main-stream hip hop is generally not designed for breaking with no specific break sessions to move around. Music is of the utmost importance to a b-boy. A true artist finds it imperative to have sound knowledge of breaking music in order to understand and carry the ability to dance to it. This concentrated knowledge of the music is displayed with moves as a b-boy highlights specific focal points in each song, narrating with their motions perhaps with a freeze, which is often humorous as well as impressive. (Although the term break-beats sounds like a name for what b-boys break to, it is mostly used to refer to certain genres in electronica.)

Four Elements:

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