Jay-Z Brings the Nets to Brooklyn. That's Game!

Co-owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA team, Jay-Z makes major moves once again and wins in favour of bringing the franchise back to his New York hood. The Nets were originally a New York team when they started in the 1960's.

"The Nets CEO Bretty Yormark recently confirmed and announced the dates fans can expect them to make the move. “We’ll be there for the 2011-2012 season,” Yormark said in a statement. “We’ve pre-sold 20 percent of our suites…We’ve got eight of our 14 founding partnerships already completely signed. Next week, we’ll announce our ninth.”

Next move, acquiring King James.

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Live: Public Enemy in Concert @ BB Kings

Public Enemy is one of Hip-Hop's greatest and most storied groups. Their sonic legacy combines cultural relevance, social consciousness, dope lyrics, and awesome production. That combination brought forth some of the greatest music in Hip-Hop history and as a consequence one of the very best stage shows ever.

Tonight, celebrating controversial member Flavor Flav's 50th (yes 50th) birthday bash, PE will be performing LIVE @ BB Kings in New York City. Your friends here at AllHipHop are giving you a front row seat to the event, broadcasting LIVE and in living color.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Public Enemy is truly one of the best stage acts that Hip-Hop has ever had. For you aspiring artists, take note. For you young fans, this is why the old heads are always so hard to impress, and to you old heads, you finally have something to tide you over and to check for. Classic Hip-Hop on your favorite site.


By Odeisel

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Jay-Z Report: Be a Business, Man

The hip-hop entrepreneurial magnate, Mr. Shawn Carter is more than a top-shelf line of liquor, clothing, fragrances, New Jersey Nets, sports bars, hotels and a 40 million sold album catalogue - Jay-Z has become the new Black-Jew. His empire has developed into one of the most successful in the world. His blueprints are worthy of notable study.

Apart from an overused slogan for hiphop.sh, in all sincerity click below and peep game!


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411: Tupac's First MTV Interview

First given interview to the MTV network for young Tupac Shakur since going solo from Digital Underground.[Circa early '91]


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T.I. Checks Into Prison On The 27th

With his grill up on the front cover of April's Vibe, T.I. The ATLien geek, soon-to-be inmate is doing all he can before lock-up on the 27th of this month.

TI wants the world to understand there is no “snitch” in him:

In a recent interview with Vibe, T.I. addressed the rumours of him being a snitch. “Ain’t no such thing as a secret snitch,” T.I. said. “If there was there’d be no need for the witness protection program. Pull up my agreement….… It’s public record. Ain’t no way you could hide it, especially being a public figure. And as much as people saying that it is happening, don’t you think somebody would have did the research to say, ‘Okay look, we got proof, here it is?’ People just know that it could have been a lot worse and they wanted it to be a lot worse, but lies will never overrule the truth.” The rumours began when T.I. was given a year in federal prison after being caught in possession of assault weapons. He could have been charged with possession of a fire arm by a convicted felon, a charge that carries a sentence of 6 to 10 years in federal prison. A lot of people speculated that T.I. received such a light sentence because he was cooperating with the government. In a song called You So Tuff, 50 Cent makes what some believed to be a reference to T.I.’s one year sentence. “Shit ain’t adding up get knocked with 10 machine guns only get 12 months/ I got the best lawyers that money can buy they said they could get me 10 or maybe 9/ I ask them well how you think homie breezed they said either you keep your mouth shut or you eat the cheese.”

He will stand before an Atlanta, Georgia judge on that date will officially be sentenced to jail. Real name Clifford Harris, will spend one year and one day in prison handed down after pleading guilty to possession of unregistered weapons. He will have to complete 85% of his sentence before being released.

Vibe Magazine

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Video: 27 Minutes of The Cussin' Sopranos

Every motherfuckin' cock-suckin' cuss-word from The Sopranos entire catalogue. Every episode is covered here in 27 minutes. "Fuckin' forget abuud-it!"


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Detox Track! Dre featuring Nas & TI

Seasoned fans know better by now than to get too excited when material that's destined to appear on Dr. Dre's Detox leaks. No matter how dope a track may sound, there's no guarantee that it'll really end up on the good doctor's infinitely delayed album. Indeed, the very fact that you're hearing a Detox demo may make it less likely that that song will ever see the light of day: Rumour has it Dre has scrapped months of studio work in frustration at seeing snippets leak to the public in unfinished form. So take all that as a word of caution before listening to "Topless," the totally awesome alleged Detox demo featuring T.I. and Nas that leaked yesterday. (Check it out below; some NSFW language.)

Here's one glaring hint that "Topless" is an incomplete demo: Dr. Dre doesn't actually rap on it. Instead, the song opens with T.I. delivering a sick verse that's evidently meant to come out of Dre's mouth. ("Look, Eazy, ain't a damn thing changed, I promise/Still live like we did back on Straight Outta Compton...") It's widely known that Dr. Dre gets the best lyricists in the game to draft verses for him -- check how he flowed exactly like Eminem on "Forgot About Dre," or like credited co-writer Jay-Z on "Still D.R.E." How cool is it to hear T.I. demonstrating his ghost-writing contribution first-hand? Nas' guest verse, on the other hand, seems intended to be rapped by Nas as-is, and it's another winner, packed with the kind of intricate imagery that only God's Son can pull off.

And the beat? Well, it's one of the best things Dre's done in years, all dusty piano keys and boom-bap drums. Those sounds have more in common with the golden age of New York hip-hop than with the glossy synth melodrama of most post-2001 Dre productions -- a welcome evolution for an NY head like yours truly. But like I said, I'm going to cut myself off before I get too psyched about this track, only to be disappointed when a completed version never materializes. How about you?

"Topless" by Dr. Dre (featuring Nas & T.I.)

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Suge Got Knocked the Fuck Out... Again!

Big bad Suge Knight got his clock cleaned again! This time, hook singer, Akon's manager.

Hip-hop mogul MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT is recovering from facial injuries after he was allegedly beaten up in a fight with a member of AKON's entourage. The former Death Row Records owner was attending a private party at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona as part of the NBA All-Star weekend (13-15Feb09).

But according to TMZ.com, trouble ensued when two groups of guests in the VIP area clashed - allegedly resulting in Knight being punched twice in the head.

The website claims police were called to the venue at about 3.30am, where Taser guns were used to break up the fight. Robert Carnes Jr. was arrested and charged with one count of felony aggravated assault - reportedly due to "the severity of the victim's injuries". Another suspect - only referred to as Anderson - was taken into custody and charged with one count of misdemeanour disorderly conduct. They are both being held in custody at Scottsdale City Jail.

A Scottsdale police report of the incident states, "Officers arrived and watched a group of about 6-8 guests exiting the VIP area. They saw one person, later identified as Robert Carnes Jr., punch the victim in the head two times. Officers deployed Tasers to quell the fight that erupted.
"Officers arrested Carnes Jr. and Anderson for assault and disorderly conduct. The victim was transported to SHC-Osborn hospital where he was treated for facial injuries. Carnes Jr. reported to officers that he is employed as the business manager for singer 'Akon'."

Akon was not present during the fight. His publicist Jaime Cassavechia tells WENN, "Akon had already left the party and was in his hotel room at The W, when the incident occurred." The rep also denied that Carnes, Jr. handles the singer's business, although she confirms he is a member of the star's camp. It's the second time in a year that Knight has been beaten up - he was knocked out for three minutes and had to be taken to hospital last May (08) following an alter-cation outside a Hollywood nightclub.


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HHSports: Lex Luther Leaps Superman in Dunk Comp

The 2009 All Star Weekend's Slam Dunk Competition become one of the most spectacular moments in all of NBA's All-Star run. Dwight Howard as Superman defending his 2008 title at 6'11" goes against 2006 champ Nate Robinson at 5'9" in Lex Luther green. Got KryptoNate? - Rip [Ed]

Sponsored by KK Clothing

Lebron James confirms a 2010 entrance into the Slam Dunk show.

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Video: "Swagger" by Grandmaster Flash

"Swagger" by Grandmaster Flash (w. Red Cafe, Snoop Dogg & Lynn Carter off the new album, The Bridge. The Godfather's first in 20 years.

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