Busy Bee Starski

Real Name: David Parker
D.O.B.: (unknown by author)

Busy Bee, The Original Chief Rocker (member of Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation) earned his legendary emcee reputation with not only a lyrical flair but he changed the game forever when he became hip hop’s first solo MC able to battle on the streets of Boogie-Down and bury them all with his skills. His shout-outs were second to none, sustaining block parties and park jams, keeping the crowd rocking all night.

He did his best works along side Cool DJ AJ (later DJ for well-known MC Kurtis Blow) Bee and AJ were a killer combination that could knock you out with a sucker punch without warning. Busy Bee became a heavyweight Emcee pioneering the early battles. Most notable was against the king-hitter Kool Moe Dee. Thousands of copies of this battle continue to circulate on the streets over 20 years on. His spoken word drew enormous crowds. He since won the MC World Supremacy Battle Belt. If he was a fighter he would be Mike Tyson at 20 years old.

Busy made a record in 1980 entitled, "Rappin’ All Over". As a member of The Marvellous Three which included DJ Smalls and DJ AJ. He also had an early 12” release pre Sugar Hill Records called "School Days" in 1980. On Sugar Hill Records he made a record, "Making Cash Money" in 1981 and "Busy Bee’s Groove" in ’84. His biggest selling record to date was, “Suicide” and was featured in the film Strong City in 1987 produced by Jazzy Jay. He released two albums, Running Thangs in 1988 and Thank God For Busy Bee. But his most memorable work is off the Wild Style soundtrack, starring as himself with a predominant part performing with Kool DJ AJ.

Originally The DJ always carried top billin’ at shows, and the MC was his sidekick. Until a cat named Busy Bee took the stage and shone brighter than any DJ with his performance. From $20 a night help to the DJ to the forefront of hip hop iconic stature. Never again would an MC take a back seat to the DJ. The great Emcee Busy Bee Starski.


  • 1988 Running Thangs (Strong City/UNI)
  • 1992 Thank God for Busy Bee (Pandisc)
  • 1998 Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See (Jazz Child Records)
  • Singles:

  • 1981 Rappin' All Over (Brass Records)
  • 1981 School Days (Master Five)
  • 1982 Making Cash Money (Sugarhill)
  • 1984 Busy Bee's Groove (Sugarhill)
  • 1987 Suicide (Strong City/UNI)
  • 1988 Express (Strong City/UNI)
  • 2002 Keep It Movin' (Blazin')
  • 2002 Rock the House (Blazin')