Real Name: Marquise Hawkins
D.O.B.: (unknown by author)

Cli-N-Tel is a D.J./rapper hailing from Compton, California. Known as an original member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, an inventing performance group who spent the first half of the 1980’s reshaping the complete structure of west coast-funk/rap scene forever. Cli met Dr. Dre in high school and they both began working together, Cli as the rapper, Dre as a DJ. He was involved with the group during 1983-85 before being replaced by group’s dancer, Shakespeare. Since leaving the group he recorded as a solo artist and had some success.

He released another well-regarded electro album entitled ‘2030’ on Unknown DJ's Techno Hop label in 1986. He resurfaced onto the scene with Sutra Records releasing two singles, however Cli-N-Tel eventually had a career change and focused his attention on creating film screenplays. In 1993 he contributed a track to the Dr. Dre anthology album, ‘Concrete Roots’.

By the late 1990’s Cli stationed himself in Japan working on several hip-hop tracks and releasing a full-length album on Japanese Blue Dolphin recording label, ‘Shining on the Funk’. In 2005 Cli-N-Tel is working on a throwback electro track for an upcoming compilation album.

    * 1986 2030 (12") Techno Hop Records
    * 1988 It Ain't Mine (12") Sutra Records
    * 1988 Ling-O-Istic / It's Time To Jam (12") Sutra Records
    * 1994 Concrete Roots (12") Hitman Music