Compton Posse


  • J-Ro
  • DJ Pooh
  • DJ Aladdin

Before Gangsta Rap and N.W.A. there was Mixmaster Spade and the Compton Posse featuring some of west coast hip-hop's finest. A local legend in electronic DJing, Spade raised young mixtape master, Toddy Tee who released the neighbourhood anthem, "Batterram" before the world knew, "Straight Outta Compton". A disastrous break-up ensued in 1987 with a fatal shoot-out with LA County Sheriffs after revealing the Posse hangout was doubled as a narcotics operation and subsequently raided the property, seizing 25 gallons of PCP and cash. Eventually Spade and seven associates surrendered to the law. Mixmaster Spade suffered a motorcycle accident in 2005 and lost his life. He was an early visionary in west coast hip-hop. One of the very first to introduce Compton as the true Mecca of west coast's famed Gangsta Rap.

(The entire story, coming soon!)