Ice Cube

Black White

Ice Cube’s latest venture was a contribution to the growing list of reality television, only with a powerful, enlightening message to Middle America. Playing the race-card advocate again, he named the show, Black, White. A first, Cube experiments with the social and racial topics of debate he has been ranting about over the last twenty years in rap records in living-America. The show premièred on the FX network on March 8th, 2006 and followed one black, the Wurgals (Bruno, Carmen, and daughter Rose) and one white family, the Sparks (Brian, Renee, and son Nick) from Atlanta, Georgia and Santa Monica, California respectively as they switched identities and lifestyles by trading races. They moved them both together in Los Angeles and all participants underwent cosmetic transformation to switch the black family into white and the white family into black. Incidentally the make-up artists won the 2006 Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding make-up for a Series (Non-Prosthetic)’. The following episodes transpired with revelations of racial inequalities as a direct result of their change in skin colour.

The show was produced by Ice Cube, R.J. Cutler and Matt Alvarez who worked previously with Cube on Next Friday with Mr. Cube performing the theme song, ‘Race Card’. Since its inception the series has carried out six episodes of frustrating social situations around peers of their new race identity, struggling to fit in and revealing shocking biased treatment. Ironically in the third episode, Bruno and Carmen experience hostility in a black neighbourhood and white-turned-black son, Nick becomes engrossed in the gangster lifestyle which causes great concern for his parents. Enlightening facts are peeled back about one’s own race within the scope of the television series that only an experiment like this could harbour. The 6th and final episode of the series aired on Wednesday, April 12 at 10 p.m. Eastern.

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  • 1990 AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (Chart Position 8) RIAA: 3x Platinum
  • 1990 Kill At Will EP
  • 1991 Death Certificate (Chart Position 12) RIAA: 2x Platinum
  • 1993 The Predator (Chart Position 1) RIAA: 5x Platinum
  • 1994 Lethal Injection (Chart Position 4) RIAA: 4x Platinum
  • 1995 Bootlegs & B-Sides (Compilation)
  • 1997 Featuring Ice Cube (Compilation)
  • 1998 War & Peace [Volume 1 (The War Disc)]
  • 2000 War & Peace [Volume 2 (The Peace Disc)]
  • 2001 Ice Cube - (Greatest Hits)
  • 2006 Laugh Now, Cry Later (Chart Position 2) RIAA: Platinum
  • 2007 Ice Cube In The Movies
  • 2008 Raw Footage (unreleased)
  • Filmography:

  • 1991 Boyz N the Hood
  • 1993 Trespass
  • 1994 The Glass Shield
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  • 1996 Friday
  • 1998 Dangerous Ground
  • 1998 Anaconda
  • 1998 The Players Club
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  • 2005 Are We There Yet?
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  • 2007 Are We Done Yet?
  • 2008 First Sunday
  • 2008 The Extractors
  • Director/Producer:

  • 1995 Friday (Executive Producer)
  • 1997 Dangerous Ground (Executive Producer)
  • 1998 The Players Club (Director)
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