DJ Hollywood

Real Name: (unknown by author)
D.O.B: December 10, 1954

DJ Hollywood is one of the early party DJ’s working local clubs in the New York scene before there was a scene. He originated the practise of delivering extensive rhymes over recorded music. Unfortunately due to his scene being away from the Boogie-Down Bronx side in Manhattan island, Hollywood’s genre consisted mainly of disco, using joints such as, ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now,’ ‘Love Is The Message,’ ‘Sexy,’ ‘Good Times,’ ‘Got To Be Real’ having been a DJ from the Disco era in up-town marketed clubs, he never got the same recognition for his contributions to hip hop. (A term for which he lays claim to have made up)

Hollywood formed his own singing group 1971 at the age of 14, he moved onto deejaying in clubs in Harlem such as Charles Gallery. It was at this time he implemented record mixing, a technique he learned from a club owner as the disco movement steadily gained momentum, to isolate the funkiest, most danceable parts of a record. This gave him the appropriate following in the scene by the mid ‘70s. He started many of the small raps, ‘Up My Back And Round My Neck,’, ‘Woo-Haa Got The Girls In Check’.
Most of his work was known to always be done live rather than recorded although he did release a single, ‘Shock Shock The House’ in 1980 on CBS Records. Hollywood worked with Grandmaster Flash as well as Donald D, whose record ‘Don's Groove’ was written by DJ Hollywood and produced by Flash.

Seeing Hollywood perform at such historical theatres such as The Apollo inspired up and coming artists like Kurtis Blow and the Fatback Band. Reigning as one of the leading DJ’s until the mid 1980’s, he faded out of the hip hop and club scene due to personal drug addictions. He had a dazzling comeback in the early ‘90s to work with Tha veteranz and Lovebug Starski performing shows in New York and New Jersey.

Releases (12"):

  • 1980 To Whoever It May Concern
  • 1996 Greatest Hi
  • 1980 Shock Shock The House
  • 1984 Hollywood’s Message
  • 1986 Hollywood’s World
  • 1987 Love In The Afternoon
  • 1995 Hollywood's World / Smoking Jumbos
  • Talking With Hollywood
  • Back From The Dead
  • Hollywood’s Instrumentals
  • Check Out The Avenue