Funny Hip-Hop Videos Found Online

This sector is dedicated to youtube and the like explorers who rummage through that old junk and scraps forgotten as generations of new pile upon us all. These videos were found and generously brought to the attention of the crew. Ja Bless.

  • Vin Diesel - Breakdance 101

This is a video of actor, Vin Diesel as a teenager in a how-to show of breakdancing. Our XXX action man was down with the movement. Mad props.
[searched and rescused by HH.SH host/designer, Swe.]

  • The President´s Air Force One tagged!

This video is of an unknown crew who defied the odds of freedom and death to tag the motherfucking the United States President´s own Air Force One plane. It is reported as being a hoax video, be your own judge on this one. No doubt by now these guys have joined the list of Bush´s Axis of Evil! Check it!
[searched and rescused by HH.SH host/designer, Swe.]