Real Name: Kevin Madison
D.O.B.: (unknown by author)

K-Solo opened his career in New York along with EPMD, Redman, and Keith Murray, as part of the Hit Squad in 1990s. He is known for a rapping style that involves spelling out words. Rapper DMX later accused K-Solo of stealing this style from him when the two were serving jail time together. K-Solo is no longer associated with anyone from The Hit Squad.

He was signed to Death Row Records at one point, but currently runs his own record label, Waste Management. K-Solo has signed Canibus to this label.


  • 1990 Tell the World My Name (1990)
  • 1992 Time's Up (1992)
  • 1993 Escape From Death Row (1993)
  • 1996 It's Like That My Big Brother (1996)
  • 1997 Mix Tape Vol 1 Gladiator (1997)
  • 1999 Mix Tape Vol 2 Road Warrior (1999)
  • 2000 Mix Tape Vol 3 The Lost Ark (2000)