411: The Game's R.E.D. Album Delayed

Taken from AHH
By Ace Cannon

The Game’s highly anticipated release The R.E.D. Album has been delayed, according to the Compton MC himself. The rapper took to his Twitter page announce that his legal obligations to the state of California for a gun possession charge will prevent him from traveling to promote the album, until March. “Bad news: this just in. The R.E.D. Album just got pushed back again to March 23rd. The judge told my lawyer & my P.O. I can’t travel or do any out of state promo until I finish my community service. Ain't that a bitch?” According to The Game, he has about 200 more hours left of community service before he is free to travel. “I wonder if spending 10 hours a day on Twitter counts towards my ‘community service’?? Then I’d be finished by Jan. 29th, ha ha,” the rapper wrote. “I was ‘INNOCENT’ anyway! I ain't pull no gun out on nobody. Stop snitchin!”

Posted on Tue, 12/01/2010 - 13:14