Niggas With Attitude

Members Real Name D.O.B From
Eazy-E Eric Wright September 7th, 1963 Compton, California
Dr. Dre Andre Young February 16th, 1965 Compton, California
Ice Cube Oshea Jackson June 15, 1969 South Central LA, California
DJ Yella Antoine Carraby December 11th, 1967 Compton California
MC Ren Lorenzo Patterson June 14, 1969 Compton, California
The DOC Tracy Curry June 10th, 1968 Dallas, Texas
Arabian Prince Kim Nazal October 12th, 1964 Inglewood, California

Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Dre & Arabian. before boys n the hood. Circa 1985 more at N.W.A.Gallery