Suge Knight


  • Pleads guilty to battery with a deadly weapon in Las Vegas, sentence suspended
  • Arrested for assault at Los Angeles International Airport
  • Pleads guilty to battery in Beverly Hills, sentence suspended.
  • Pleads guilty to battery in Hollywood, sentence suspended.
  • Arrested in Las Vegas for assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Pleads guilty to disturbing the peace in Van Nuys, sentence suspended.
  • Persuades D.O.C. to leave Ruthless Records and join his new label he will call Funky Enough Records.
  • Convicted of giving false name when arrested in possession of a deadly weapon in Beverly Hills, sentence suspended.
  • Convinces Vanilla Ice to sign over song rights to Mario ‘Chocolate’ Johnson.
  • Future Shock Entertainment files articles of incorporation, listing Marion Knight as president.
  • Persuades Eazy-E to release Dr. Dre from Ruthless Records contract.
  • David Kenner arranges meeting between Suge Knight and Michael Harris at Metropolitan Detention Center in L.A.
  • 3 men negotiate the joint venture for entertainment company, Godfather Entertainment with Death Row Records.
  • Charged with assault with a deadly weapon in Beverly Hills, pleads guilty to misdemeanour battery, sentence suspended.
  • Convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in Las Vegas, sentence suspended.
  • Convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in West Covina, sentence suspended.
  • Convicted of disturbing the peace in Van Nuys, sentence suspended.
  • Arrested for assault and robbery of George and Lynwood Stanley at Solar Records studios in North Hollywood.
  • Death Row files articles of incorporation, Marion Knight listed as president, no mention of Michael Harris.
  • Arrested with Dre and D.O.C. for brawling outside Black Radio Exclusive convention in New Orleans. 15yo fan stabbed.
  • U.S. Justice Department starts racketeering investigation against Suge Knight and Death Row Records.
  • Pleads guilty to assault and robbery of Stanley brothers, given nine year suspended sentence.
  • Kelly Jamerson beaten to death at Death Row party in L.A.’s El Ray Theatre. Knight and Bloods implicated in murder.
  • Insults Sean Combs from Bad Boy Entertainment on stage at the Source Awards, East v West war escalates.
  • Opens private nightclub in Las Vegas, 662(MOB)
  • Close friend and Blood gang member, Jake Robles murdered at music industry party. Bad Boy believed to be responsible.
  • Mark Anthony Bell assaulted at Chateau La Blanc mansion in Hollywood Hills, info.of Combs whereabouts forced.
  • 01/96 - Dick Griffey and D.O.C. file lawsuit against Suge Knight to contest ownership of Death Row Records.
  • 03/96 - Crips working for Bad Boy Entertainment fight with Death Row’s Bloods at Soul Train Awards in L.A.
  • 04/96 - Announces Death Row will open an east coast record division in Manhattan.
  • 05/96 - Rival Bruce Richardson is murdered in Compton after public beating of Suge Knight in night club.
  • 09/96 - Tupac murdered in Las Vegas. Suge Knight violates probation with fight in MGM lobby with Crip, Orlando Anderson.
    • Police report Knight delivers loads of AK-47 assault rifles to Nickerson Garden housing projects.
    • Gang war breaks out on the streets of Los Angeles.
  • 10/96 - Jailed for failing drug test during trial of parole violation in MGM fight.
  • 12/96 - Employee Cantrock turns federal witness - supplies U.S. Justice Dept. with information on Death Row’s finances.
  • 02/97 - L.A. County District Attorney’s office revokes Knight’s probation and reinstate prison sentence. Knight sent for diagnostic exam at California Department of Corrections.
  • 03/97 - Christopher ‘Biggie Smalls’ Wallace murdered at industry event in L.A. Suge Knight is major suspect behind case.
  • 06/97 - Enters as inmate at California Men’s Colony at San Luis Obispo.
  • 06/97 - Aaron ‘Heron’ Palmer Blood member of Suge’s gang murdered in Compton.
  • 05/98 - Southside Crip, Orlando Anderson working for Bad-Boy murdered in Compton.
  • 05/99 - Transferred to Mule Creek state prison.
  • 02/01 Jail inmate Mark Hylland informs F.B.I. he was hired by Suge Knight and L.A.P.D. officers to courier money to pay for the murder of Wallace.
  • 08/01 - Released from federal prison in Portland, Oregon.
  • 12/02 - Jailed for 61 days for parole violation from federal raids on Death Row offices.
  • 02/03 - Released from jail ordered to resume anti-gang community service.
  • 05/03 - Wilshire offices of Death Row struck by drive-by shooting. No-one hurt but business suffers detrimental effect.
  • 06/03 - Parole violated as Knight fights with parking lot attendant at Hollywood’s White Lotus Club.
  • 08/03 - 10 month prison term for previous parole violation.
  • 04/04 - Released from prison.
  • 08/04 - Dr. Dre assaulted at V.M.A.’s by associate of Knight’s and evening shut down as a result. Assailant stabbed by G-Unit rapper, Young Buck. Dre presses charges.
  • 02/05 - Arrested for making illegal U-turn and found in possession of marijuana. Parole violated.
  • 03/05 - Ordered to pay $107million to Michael and Lydia Harris for loss of lawsuit over ownership of Death Row Records.
  • 08/05 - V.M.A.’s after party, Knight suffers fractured leg from bullet wound in attempted murder. Hospitalised for surgery and later released.
  • 08/05 - Assets gained from Death Row Records, master tapes and affiliated companies all frozen by federal courts.
  • 02/06 - Files lawsuit against Harris’ for $106 million for blackmail over illegal seed money.

MOB Piru Members

  • Jai Hassan Jamaal ‘Jake the Violator’ Robles (Murdered 1995)
  • Roger ‘Neckbone’ Williams
  • Aaron ‘Heron’ Palmer (Murdered 1996)
  • Crawford ‘Hi-C’ Wilkerson
  • Ronald ‘Ram’ Lamb
  • Trevon ‘Tray’ Lane
  • Henry ‘Hen Dog’ Smith (Murdered 1997)
  • Alton ‘Buntry’ McDonald (Murdered 1997)
  • Tim & James McDonald
  • Reggie Wright (Whrightway Security)
  • L.A.P.D. officer Rafael Perez (Imprisoned bank robbery 2/2000)
  • L.A.P.D. officer David Mack (Imprisoned cocaine theft 12/1997)

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