Suge Knight

Parole Violation From Raids

A task force involving L.A. Sheriff’s Department’s Operation Safe Streets Bureau, Special Weapons Team and homicide investigators obtained 17 search warrants through Los Angeles and Las Vegas into Marion ‘Suge’ Knight’s homes and offices related to Death Row Records seeking additional evidence related to numerous unsolved homicides and conspiracy to commit murder. At approximately 5am on Thursday 14th November 2002 the raids began at The Row’s Wilshire Boulevard offices. Guns and drugs were seized in the operation, investigations remained open. Police would not comment on which murder cases were being worked on. As a result, police found reasonable evidence implicating Suge’s continued relations with reputed gang members, which was a direct breach on parole. Suge had moved out to Larry Longo’s Malibu estate and used drivers and security who had not been vetted by state authority and was photographed associating with Bloods. By December Suge was again arrested and sent back to prison for 61 days with community service to follow. His incarceration comes at a time where gangs in L.A. County have put a hit out on Suge Knight with four of his closest Bloods murdered in gang war recently. He was released Tuesday 25th February, 2003 to serve 200 hours of anti-gang community service.

Suge was received with several rounds of bullets fired into the Beverly Hills offices of Death Row. At 2:30 am May 27, 2003 several bullets were fired by unknown assailants damaging the front door, windows and wall of the offices thus never giving a chance for the music label to retain any real business dealings. The record label suffered immeasurably.

Second Parole Violation

In June of 2003 Suge Knight was arrested at the White Lotus Club, an affluent celebrity hangout. Suge had allegedly assaulting parking lot attendant, Mehdi Lazrak for giving Knight the wrong parking space. Lawyer, Robin Yates told newspapers the allegation was ridiculous. “Have you ever seen the size of Suge? If he hit one of those little valets, the guy would be broken,” The Californian Board of Prison Terms was contacted to determine whether he had breached conditions of parole. By August Suge was sent back to jail for 10 months for the breach. He was again released on April 23, 2004 with Kurupt as acting boss of the small-time label. Suge announced they would collaborate with other labels to produce a Christmas hip-hop album to benefit the families of soldiers serving in Iraq. Not a well received stunt.

VMA Attack On Dre

At the Video Music Awards held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California in 2004 Suge Knight and The Row’s stars attended the event that showed high appreciation to Dr. Dre for his contributions to hip-hop over the past 20 years. This did not sit well with Suge Knight. Their bitter feud continued.

Violence broke out at the event after Suge Knight got onstage and yelled, "Fuck the G-Unit," then allegedly threw insults at the rest of the audience right before Dre was to achieve the lifetime achievement awards by Snoop Dogg and Quincy Jones. Jimmy James Johnson, an associate of Suge Knight’s who was sitting beside him at the event, walked down to Dre’s table surrounded by Dre’s G-Unit camp and struck the legend with a blow to the face. Immediately G-Unit soldiers stood up to protect their boss and three men brandished knives including rapper, Young Buck who stabbed the assailant several times. The fight continued for over twenty minutes with involved parties being maced by police intervening. In much horror to the star audience watching on, furniture was thrown and kicks laid into the man. The incident was calmed down for Dre to accept his accolade but onlookers were fleeing the hall in a panic and leaving the vicinity in cars. Subsequently the after party was cancelled. Nothing else had come of the altercation. Young Buck had retreated back to his hometown in Kentucky until Dre could convince him with strong support from Johnnie Cochran to return to face charges with L.A. authority. Dre insisted Johnson be charged with assault and battery.

Third Parole Violation

Suge Knight was pulled over in his large pick up truck for making an illegal u-turn at 7.36pm Saturday 2nd February, 2005 heading southbound on the on-ramp on Interstate 15, according to the Barstow Police Department. When they received information that Suge was on parole, he gave them permission to search the vehicle for drugs and weapons. Upon searching, officer Retamoza found a small amount of marijuana in the truck. This was a violation of his parole. He was also cited for not having relevant insurance for the vehicle.

Suge Knight was arrested and held by San Bernadino’s County Sherrifs Department pending his transfer to state prison for the breach of parole conditions. Also arrested with him was his passsenger, 18 year old Alexis Wilkenson of Las Vegas who provided a false I.D. and false information, she was later released, as was Knight finally.

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