Shock G Tells Story of Tupac Saving Tim Dog's Tail

Shock G Interview -

Not too long ago I saw that special on VH-1 about Tupac Shakur (Thug Angel). It was really engrossing. Can you tell us something about Tupac Shakur that you've never shared with anyone before?

Live: "I Get Around" by Tupac (featuring Shock G)

Shock G: "One time in the early nineties, Bronx rapper Tim Dog did a show in San Francisco and afterwards some Frisco cats had him boxed in and were threatening to hurt him up real bad. Had it not been for Pac, Tim may have gotten murdered that night.

This was right after Tim Dog's West Coast diss album came out, but the album specifically dissed Compton and Southern Cali, and Pac felt like Frisco was ridin' on Tim Dog unfairly and seized an opportunity to show Oaklands strength as well as show some loyalty to his birthplace, New York City. I think Pac had also kicked it with Tim Dog once or twice back in New York and felt more camaraderie with Tim than he did [with] anonymous Frisco *****z, and probably felt a little obligated to help him. It was in between Juice and Poetic Justice ; Pac was known, but not yet a superstar or heavyweight in the streets. Anyway, that night Pac told Tim and his people to wait inside and drove across the bay to Oakland and came back with an arsenal and escorted Tim safely out of the club and back to his hotel.

They straight rescued that cat. Pac became a true heavyweight in the street that night."


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Throwback: Crooked I Spots

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Biggie Smalls sips the brown paper bag brew.

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Tupac on Arsenio Hall Night Before Trial

Tupac Shakur is interview with Arsenio Hall in 1994 on the night before he was set to stand trial for battery against film directors, Allen and Albert Hughes in Los Angeles. For this he received 15 days plus community service. Arsenio gets his side of the story out.

Tupac performs "Pain" after the interview. Peep game.

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Happy Birthday 2Pac

Pour out a little liquor.

Tupac performing "I Get Around" live on Arsenio Hall. [24th March, 1994]

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Rare Biggie Smalls Interview w. Sway

Biggie Smalls Interview with Sway. BIG speaks on Pac's death. [Throwback Footage]

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The Final 24 Hours - Tupac Shakur [1971 - 1996]

Final 24 is a compelling documentary series unlocking the hidden secrets, psychological flaws and events that result in the tragic deaths of global icons. Tupac Shakur left us in 1996, follow his last 24 hours here. Peep game!

Download this in torrent form [HERE] No registration needed.

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