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Nate Dogg In Therapy: 'He can lift his head'

(AllHipHop News) Long beach singer Nate Dogg is recovering from a stroke and doing well in therapy, according to childhood friend and longtime collaborator, Warren G. Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Hale has suffered two strokes since January of 2008.

The strokes left the Grammy-nominated singer partially paralyzed and he was also using an assisted breathing tube, to make breathing easier.

"He’s in therapy getting himself together, that’s all I can tell people," Warren G. told "I see him any and every time I want to. It’s hard when you have somebody that got two strokes, usually the person don’t make it. But he’s strong. He’s getting good therapy and he’s pulling out of it.”

According to Warren G., Nate Dogg was relearning to use basic human functions and that he “can lift his head up.”

“It’s hard when you first have a stroke, you got to learn everything over again, Warren G. stated. “It’s like you’re a baby again. You gotta learn everything.”

Between collaborations with artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Fabolous and Warren G. and solo releases, Nate Dogg has sold close to 60 million records over the past 20 years.

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Audio: "100 Miles N Runnin'" by Warren G & Nate Dogg

Audio: "100 Miles N Runnin'" by Warren G, Raekwon & Nate Dogg

Audio: "Swagger Rich" by Warren G, Snoop Dogg & Cass

Fresh album from 2-1 street, The G Files drops on the 29th of September, produced completely by Warren G himself.

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Warren G On Nate Dogg's Stroke Recovery

Warren G recently spoke to HipHopWired about the status of his homeboy Nate Dogg who suffered several strokes over the past few years and was close to death several times. While no one in the Dogg Pound Gang has talked publicly about the tragedy, Warren said,

“He is recovering. He had two strokes. The recovery right now is slow but he is improving. I'm the only person that has seen him so far but he's doing good. He's recovering slowly but him having two strokes was deadly so it's a slow process.”

He also spoke of Nate's physical therapy process and him learning to talk and walk again, adding,

“Well you know with recovery like that, you gotta go through therapy and learn how to walk and all kind of stuff again so that's part of the therapy when having a stroke so that's' what it is. He has to go through a lot of therapy. It's a slow process but he's progressing.”

Warren will also be releasing his new album The G-Files on September 29th. The project features the new single “Swagger Rich” with the third member of 213, Snoop Dogg. The album will also include Nate D. O. Double G on the track “100 Miles & Runnin'” along with Raekwon. Going in a whole different direction from the N.W.A. classic, Warren also discussed the track and clarified that although Nate's on the hook, the song isn't dated.

“Nah those vocals weren't old. The vocals aren't old or the beat. None of that is old. That was done maybe like a year ago maybe, that ain't old. Maybe a year and a half. Right before he had the stroke, we did about 8-10 songs where he just did hooks and he was like whatever you want to use, go ahead. The record is definitely not old. It's a great record and Raekwon did his thing over a West coast track and he sounds incredible. Nate is always incredible on a track and the game needs that. We need his voice back in the game and I'm putting it down for him right now with that record. So people can hear that and be like ‘Damn, that's what we've been missing.' That's what we need from the West because he is one of the niggas that was helping the artist here by his hooks and his voice. But “100 Miles & Runnin'” is a totally different thing from the N.W.A. record. Ours is just talking about how we roll.”

The G-Files will also include collaborations with Ray J and RBX.

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Nate Dogg Suffers Second Stroke

West Coast hip-hop crooner, Nate Dogg has suffered a stroke, his second within 12 months. Sources have said that the singer is currently in serious condition, reports saying he cannot breathe on his own.

The first stroke, (December 20th, 2007) left Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale partially paralysed on the left side of his body, although his brain did not suffer any major damage. In May rumours spread of the Long Beach, 213 artist's death as result of the first stroke, however his manager Rod McCrew confirmed of his speedy recovery.

This is an early report, will bring to light any further developments in Nate Dogg's condition. Our thoughts go out to you and yours, Nathaniel. - Ripnicholson [Ed.]


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Nate Dogg Handed Several Felonies for Domestic

Nate Dogg with several felonies after he allegedly made death threats to his wife last month.

According to TMZ, Nate (real name Nathaniel Dwayne Hale) has received three felony counts of making criminal threats and stalking with an additional misdemeanour charge for driving on a suspended license.

The seriousness of each claim is detailed throughout each document of the lawsuit. The first felony charge highlights the threats made by Nate towards his ex-wife beginning on June 20, 2008.

“[A] Felony, was committed by Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, who did wilfully and unlawfully threaten to commit a crime, which would result in death and great bodily injury to Latoya C.,” it reads. “It is further alleged that the said Latoya C. was reasonably in fear of his/her safety and the safety of his/her immediate family.”

While the same felony charge was made the following day, Nate’s third stems from him allegedly stalking his wife on June 23, 2008 while driving down the highway in Los Angeles. The charge says he made a "credible threat with the intent that she be placed in reasonable fear for her safety and the safety of her immediate family.”

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