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The Blueprint 3 is the upcoming eleventh studio album by American rapper Jay-Z, set to be released in the US on September 11, 2009 (UK released September 14), which is 8 years after the release of the first Blueprint. It will be the final installment in The Blueprint trilogy, preceded by the critically acclaimed The Blueprint (2001) and the commercially successful The Blueprint²: The Gift & The Curse (2002). On May 20, 2009 Jay-Z confirmed that he bought out the remainder of his contract from Def Jam Records in order to start his contract with Live Nation, and therefore The Blueprint 3 will be released under Roc Nation and distributed by Atlantic Records.

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01 What We Talkin’ About (Feat. Luke Steele of Empire of The Sun
02 Thank You
03 D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
04 Run This Town (Feat. Rihanna And Kanye West)
05 Empire State of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)
06 Real As It Gets (Feat. Young Jeezy)
07 On To The Next One (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
08 Off That (Feat. Drake)
09 A Star Is Born (Feat. J. Cole)
10 Venus Vs. Mars
11 Already Home (Feat. Kid Cudi)
12 Haters (Feat. Kanye West)
13 Reminder
14 So Ambitious (Feat. Pharrell)
15 Young Forever (Feat. Mr. Hudson)

Download: // Hotfile // Mininova (Torrent)

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Posted on Tue, 01/09/2009 - 10:29

Jay-Z Unveils Latest "Blueprint" For Success

Jay-Z covers this months Billboard magazine and reveals the keys to his stacks. The feature by Mariel Concepcion starts below:

NEW YORK (Billboard) - At just about any given moment of any given day -- including this sunlit June Friday afternoon -- Jay-Z is a busy man.

Sitting on a swivel chair at his Roc the Mic studios in downtown Manhattan with a glass of Santa Margherita white wine in hand, he tackles interview after interview with Japanese reporters, pausing only to use the restroom or ask his assistant to get him a refill or an order of food from his sports club, 40/40.

But while he handles his international duties, his Roc Nation team -- seven people, including his assistant, longtime publicist and engineers -- make sure his empire runs smoothly. His employees are scattered around the room, some perched on stools or couches, others standing or sitting on the floor, some with laptops before them. His assistant is booking flights, hotels and car service for the BET Awards, which is taking place that weekend; his publicist whispers on the phone about another magazine story... Story continued here


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Posted on Tue, 21/07/2009 - 08:28

50 Drops Album Date to Avoid Blueprint 3

50 Cent is running scared from the Jigga Man. He officially announced Thursday that he would not release his album on the same day as Jay-Z as previously planned. Instead his album will be released a full two weeks after Jigga’s September 11th release date. Pleased with his decision, 50 bragged about his new album calling it “perfect” and saying that production from Dr. Dre was running behind.

“My album-it’s perfect, I feel. I’m ready,” he told MTV. “I’m ready to put this album out. I really don’t need adjustments. I need a few songs to be finished, mixed. Dre, he drags his feet. He’s slow, but it’s because he’s so creative. He’s gonna make sure it’s perfect. I’m never mad at it. I understand that process from him.”

Despite Dre’s sluggish finishing touches, 50’s “perfect” album, Before I Self Destruct, hits stores September 29th.

In related news, G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo has said that he refuses to accept The Game’s apology. While expressing an understanding as to why Young Buck and The Game would leave G-Unit, and noting that there would be advantages to him leaving, he noted that he would never do that out of “loyalty”. The G-Unit underboss also called The Game “bipolar” and stated that his feelings on the Compton rapper’s apology is mirrored by everyone in the Unit. -

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Posted on Sat, 18/07/2009 - 10:36

Live: Jay-Z Performs The Blueprint 3 Intro

The freestyle outburst by Jay-Z at his recent show at The Palms in Las Vegas is sure to be picked-apart by the online press vultures. He tore it down, firing off his chest at names like - Game, Jaz-O, Dame Dash, Jim Jones.

(Chicago concert) Press play -

Few sites have supposed lyrics transcribed, but these are the definitive words here:

"What are we talking about cuz i ain't got time
For what people be talking about all the time
Are we talking about fiction or are we talking about fact
You talking about fiction, hold up, pardon my back
I'm talking about life and all I hear is - Oh yeah he keeps talking about crack
I ain't talking about profit, I'm talking about pain
Talking about this film, talking about shame
I ain't talking about gossip, I ain't talking about Game
I ain't talking about Jimmy, I ain't talking about Dame
I'm talking about real shit, them people playin'
What is you talking about, I don't know what y'all saying
People keep talking about Hov take it back
I'm doing better than before, why would I do that?...
Ain't nothin' cool about wearing a strap
worrying your mums, burying your best cat
talking about revenge while you're carrying his casket
getting teary-eyed about to take it to the mattress
I'm talkin' about music, I ain't talkin' about rap
I'm talkin' about who's hot i ain't talkin' about bap
The conversation's changed why don't we yap about that
I don't run rap no more i run the map
A small part of the reason the President is black
I told him I got him when he hit me on the chat
I'm talkin' about progress, I ain't lookin' back
I'm trying to run track, 'try not to get lapped
People keep talking about Hov left em flat
trying to re-write history let's talk about facts
Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps
He could have made more but he ain't sign his contract!
In As far as street guys i mean we was all dealing crack
that's how the game goes I don't owe anybody jack!
grown man want me to sit him on my lap
But I don't have a beard and Santa Clause ain't black!"

Good lookin' out on the pics (via WireImage) - Rip [Ed.]

Posted on Sun, 05/07/2009 - 13:11

Roc Nation Deal for Blueprint 3

Billboard’s Mariel Concepcion recently spoke to Hov and got some clarification on the deals he just closed with Atlantic and Sony.
“Sony is Roc Nation. That’s where Roc Nation’s going through,” Jay-Z told on Friday (June 29).
As for the deal he recently signed with Atlantic, he clarifies that it is a one-off situation for his upcoming album, “Blueprint 3,” slated for a September 11th release.
“That’s pretty much just for this specific album. Roc Nation — we’re experts in marketing and making records. But we do distribution deals,” he says. “On this one, we’re working directly with the Atlantic staff, which is Julie [Greenwald], Lyor [Cohen], Kevin [Liles] and Kyse [Mike Kyser]. For the rest of the Roc Nation artists, we did a distribution deal with Sony."

Below is the official Blueprint 3 tracklist. All tracks are produced by Kayne West, Eternal Jewels, Lucy, and Apostate.

Blueprint 3 (Roc Nation/Atlantic)

01. Wake Up New York (Intro)
02. Most Kings
03. Hades (Lucifer Pt. II)
04. Eternal Jewels (ft. Jay Electronica) [prod. by Jay Electronica]
05. Blueprint 3
06. Lucy (ft. Chris Martin)
07. The Audacity of Dope
08. S.L.U. Pt. 2 (ft. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)
09. Election Night (We believe in Obama)
10. Just Memories
11. Apostate (ft. Eminem) [prod. by Eminem]
12. Oasis
13. My Brothers Keeper (ft. Scarface)
14. Brooklyn Lost
15. Weeds & Concrete
16. Without Rain…

Posted on Wed, 01/07/2009 - 02:41

Audio: "Jockin Jay-Z " - Jay-Z

During the Glow In The Dark Tour, Kanye West invites big brother, Jay-Z on stage at Madison Square Gardens to preview the new joints to open up Jay's latest album, The Blueprint 3. Peep the collabo with Kanye, "Jocking Jay-Z" on A & V.

Jay-Z - "Jockin Jay-Z" (Produced by Kanye West)


Posted on Tue, 12/08/2008 - 09:29