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Audio: "Serious Effects" by Michael Jackson & LL

"Serious Effect" by Michael Jackson feat. LL Cool J

Courtesy of CocaineBlunts this is an unreleased Michael Jackson track featuring Def Jam legend, LL Cool J from the Dangerous sessions.

For more Michael's hip-hop collaborations & mixes [CLICK HERE]

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Throwback: "Jingling Baby" by LL Cool J

From 'Walking With A Panther' album, LL Cool J drops "Jingling Baby" produced by fellow Queens super-producer, Marley Marl and the L.A. Posse, released January 8th, 1990.

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Classic: Golden Era Eighties Legends

This dusted-off feed of videos comes in parts of a European docu-film from the Golden Era Eighties. Incredibly rare footage of these iconic leaders legends of the hip-hop culture, Furious' Grandmaster Flash, teenage LL and Kings Of Rock, Run DMC. True school throwbacks of a burgeoning culture of hip-hop in the nineteen eighties.

Part one is with the legendary DJ, Grandmaster Flash live from day one! Taken in the early eighties, Flash drops science.

Part two takes us to LL Cool J right on the front porch of his grandmother's Queens home. (circa 1984-'85) We get his thoughts on females in the rap game and the many variations of what "LL" stands for, freestyling down Farmer's Boulevard.

Part three shows super-group Run DMC inside and outside New York City. From DMC showing off his new Cadillac to Run and Jam Master Jay in the studio producing a phat reggae beat.

Peep "Son Of Kurtis Blow" (Run) bickering over hotel expenses with the "Jew Upstairs" (Lyor Cohen).

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Throwback: LL Cool J Turns Out The Grammy's

One of the leading pioneers in hip-hop, Def Jam original, LL Cool J takes hip-hop to the grand ole stage of The Grammy's to perform his 1987 classic, "I'm Bad". He entered the stage in his red Troop suit, fat gold rope, Kangol bucket hat and washboard stomach all on flash.

Peep the Pointer Sisters feelin' it!

"I'm the baddest! Takin' out all rookies/So forget Oreos eat Cool J cookies, I'm bad!"

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Cover: The Source 20th Anniversary With Nas & LL

20 years rolling for the The Source. Ups n downs, smiles n frowns, The Source has to always be respected for being one of the first to portray hip-hop in glossy pages. (The second longest running hip-hop periodical magazine.)

On the 20th, fittingly the oldest legend of the game, LL Cool J shares the four-cover issues with one of the finest emcees of the modern culture, Nas. Covers one and four here, two and three to follow.

Cover One

Cover Four

The Source still doesn't have an active website, coming soon apparently. Step yo media game up! Big props to Dave Mays and Jon Shecter, good lookin' out on keeping me informed since 1991. - Ripnicholson [Ed.]

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