Yukmouth Responds to Suge Knight Robbery / Assault

This is a first, Suge Knight was not involved in a assault/robbery incident involving Bay Area rapper Yukmouth on Monday (March 22), despite initial reports saying otherwise.

Police were seeking Knight for his alleged involvement in an incident earlier this week where Yukmouth was stuck up for $92,000 in jewelry while in the parking lot of a Ralph's supermarket in the San Fernando Valley.

During the week, further details were revealed. An LAPD detective said that the rapper (real name: Jerold Dwight Ellis III) had filed a police report that detailed the assault, naming Knight and 10 of his associates, as the culprits.

However, Yuk is denying those claims, stating that he and Knight are friends, and the police are just out to get him.

"L.A. police have been after Suge Knight for years and are lying about me to try to get him. If Suge was caught jaywalking they would lock him up," Yuk told VladTV.com. "I never filed a police report and I never pressed any charges. Me and Suge have always been cool. I wouldn't have had a meeting with him if I thought there was some sort of problem."

As far as the robbery, the rapper admits that it took place and says that it was "some other people that didn't have anything to do with Suge". He claims the police are investigating, but he refuses to talk to them.

Yuk also says innocent bystanders, watching the crime, filed the report. Not him.

"When the incident happened in the grocery store parking lot, other people called the police and filed reports," Yuk explained. "The L.A. police have been calling me trying to have me come in and cooperate, but it's not happening."

Since the incident, a photo of Yukmouth's chain was posted on Twitter by Black Wall Street recording artist, The Menace, with the message: "For $sale lol."

However, he later says he found the photo online. "Shit man ... I don't know nothin' ... lol, niggas i got that off the net," he wrote (@SlimMenace).

Aside from the robbery, it's business as usual for Yukmouth. He's currently preparing the release of a new solo album, titled Free At Last, set to drop June 1st through his own Smoke-A-Lot Records.

- by Allen Starbury
Published 03/27/2010


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Suge Knights Goes Debo on Yukmouth!

Disgraced and out of pocket former Death Row Records mogul, Suge Knight is making headlines once again. The former Death Row honcho is being accused of beating and robbing Bay Area rap vet Yukmouth, according to TMZ.com

Authorities tell the site that an altercation happened last night at Ralph’s supermarket in the San Fernando Valley, that ended in Knight allegedly walking away with $92,000 worth of jewelry from the former Luniz MC.

The clash reportedly went down at around 10 p.m. and included 10 members of Suge’s entourage. Police are seeking to question all of the men.

Yukmouth has yet to comment on the incident.

Meanwhile peep Suge Knight's trailer for upcoming reality show: Unfinished Business.

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