Mr. Wiggles

Real Name: Steffan Clemente

Mr. Wiggles opened a new chapter in the hip hop movement. A pioneer in b-boying, he bridged the old school traditions with the new developed west coast styles of “popping” and “locking” as well as being an accomplished graffiti writer, turntable DJ and MC. Another legend from the Boogie-Down factory of the hip hop creation, Wiggles takes great pride in his accomplishments of being in two of the most famous dance groups in hip hop and funk. A legendary hot-stepper and personified son of the hip hop culture

He was born and raised in the South Bronx deep in the heart of the culture that gave him the passion and drive to turn this past-time fad into an iconic profession. An original member of the world-famous Rock Steady Crew, this talented virtuoso is a jack of all trades, amercing himself deep in the culture of hip hop itself. A renowned artisan in the four elements, he started out as a kid performing the “Robot.” During the early days he was influenced by his older sister, Wanda and after a brush with another neighbourhood kid who asked if he was a b-boy he was introduced to the dance when the young kid hit the floor and executed some freezes. That was it, Wiggles was inspired and a passion was born.

Mr. Wiggles has turned his talents and notoriety into a capital enterprise, enjoying a very successful career spreading the gospel of the hip hop roots into theatre and film. He has worked with outstanding artists in their field such as Graciele Danielle, Savion Glover on the project, “Jam On The Groove”, Bill Irwin, Lynn Taylor and Anne Marie D’Angelo. He was given the opportunity to work musical legends, Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop producing a musical piece for kurt Weill’s “September Songs”. Wiggles has been an integral part of the Rock Steady’s performance at the Apollo Theater, Kennedy Center. Has appeared in advertisements for Sketchers with NBA basketballer Patrick Ewing, Wiggles has had guest appearances in music videos for Missy Elliot, Usher, Madonna, Limp Biskit and more. He was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Choreography for the show “Largely New York” and nominated for Drama Desk award for the Ghettoriginal production of, “Jam On The Groove”. He won a Bessie Award for Best Choreography for the theatrical production of “So What Happens Now”. A play created all the original b-boys dedicated to Buck4 a Rock Steady Crew member who tragically passed away.

Mr. Wiggles still continues touring as a solo artist extensively with the ‘Electric Boogaloos’ and ‘Rock Steady Crew’ as well as being a guest faculty member at ‘Steps on Broadway’ in New York. He was one of the first to teach hip hop in a mainstream studio at NYC’s Broadway Dance Center. He runs his own music production and dance videos exclusive from He also gives back to the community by way of out reach programs teaching the positive aspects of hip hop to youth. To give back to the streets that gave and rewarded him with so much finds him the satisfaction and Mr. Wiggles has truly earned his legendary status in the hip hop culture.