New York City Breakers

The New York City Breakers were a second generation crew inspired by their fore-fathers who paved the way for these younger crews to improve upon. They witnessed the legendary battle between the original RSC and D. Rockers at the Lincoln Centre They realized that they could actually make something of the b-boy scene.

In 1982 they were given great exposure with an opportunity to battle the Rock Steady crew in a club called Negril in New York City run by Michael Holman (later of Graffiti Rock fame). Holman was tired of having just the Rock Steady Crew appear at the Negril and wanted to host a battle. The invitation went out to the then Floormasters Crew. Holman saw the potential of this energetic and athletic crew after the battle and signed on to be their manager. From there they changed their name to The New York City Breakers.

NYC Breakers were the featured b-boys on the hip-hop pilot seminal show, “Graffiti Rock” which was put together and hosted by Michael Holman. The height of their popularity came when they performed on a nationally broadcasted television show attended by Ronald Reagan.

One of the original members, Glidemaster was killed in a motorcycle accident. The remaining members are still active today and perform occasionally.

Original Breakers:

Members Real Name
Flip Rock Bobby Potts
Action Chino Lopez
Icey Ice Corey Montalvo
Lil Lep Ray Ramos
Kid Nice Noel Mangual
Glidemaster Matt Caban
Mr. Wave Tony Draughon
Powerful Pexter Tony Lopez