Black Wall Street Records

Founder(s): Parent Label: Year(s):
The Game Interscope/Geffen [2001 - ]
Big Fase 100

The Black Wall Street record label is a subsidiary of Interscope/Geffen Records. This is a Los Angeles based record label, home to The Game, Juice and Clyde Carson with a growing list of artists. The new era of BWS is expanding out into the European market, with international rosters. Black Wall Street is owned by CEO, Jayceon "The Game" Taylor with mixtape DJ Nu Jerzey Devil as the BWS Capo.

Co-founded in 2001 by The Game and his half-brother Big Fase 100 in their hometown Compton, California. After The Game was released from G-Unit Records and Aftermath he re-launched the label to compete with G-Unit, (both vanity labels subsidiaries of Interscope/Warner Bros. Records.) Internal differences between the brothers has since seen Big Fase 100 leave his post at Black Wall Street, with creative control solely given to The Game. The outfit has yet to produce and release an official retail album, they are building a library of mixtapes including the "Black Wall Street Journal" and "BWS Radio" series.

The name "The Black Wall Street" is adopted from the historical Black community of Tulsa Oklahoma. The date was June 1st, 1921 when "Black Wall street" the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving 36-black business district in northern Tulsa lay smouldering. A model community destroyed, and a major Black economic movement resoundingly defused.

Current Roster:

  • The Game
  • Juice
  • Clyde Carson
  • South Sider
  • DJs & Producers:

  • Nu Jerzey Devil
  • Ervin 'EP' Pope
  • DJ Skee
  • Tre Beats
  • DJ Haze
  • DJ Kris-Stylez
  • DJ Maaleek
  • Former Roster:

  • Eastwood
  • Glasses Malone
  • Techniec
  • Cyssero
  • Vita
  • Charli Baltimore
  • Young Life