Dynamic Rockers

Along with the Rock Steady Crew, The Dynamic Rockers are largely responsible for the developmental stages of the b-boy hip hop cultural movement and introducing it to the mainstream and international spotlight. Hailing from Queens, New York, Dynamic are Known for participating in the legendary infamous battle against the Rock Steady Crew at the Lincoln Centre in 1981 as well as the battle scene off the documentary-film, ‘Style Wars’

Their unique style of dance combined an array of gymnastic and acrobatics, while still incorporating the traditional footwork and toprock steps of their Boogie-Down counterparts. It would be precisely this style (although still unappreciated by some b-boy purists) that would propel the culture into the mainstream holding a more visual appeal.

The spin-off crew The Dynamic Breakers would be born when four members of the original DR crew, Airborne, Spider, Kano and Flip decided to form this group after the invitation to sign with a management company (Breakdance Int’l.) came up. It was these four founders who had been responsible for the unique gymnastic and acrobatic elements that the Rockers were known for, as they were all team mates on their high school gymnastics squad. They recruited a breaker from New Jersey named Deuce, whose signature move was the doo-rag enhanced extra long headspin.

Under their new management the Dynamic Breakers began choreographing routines and organizing bookings for club shows. Their first break came on a show called ‘That’s Incredible’ when they focused on a segment on the crew. It was that show and an appearance on the smash-hit film, ‘Flashdance’ that first brought b-boying into national recognition. Following, to give them even more of a public stature the crew appeared on several other shows such as, ‘Delivery Boys’, ‘The Exterminator’
and ‘The Last Dragon’.

The Breakers would feature in one of the pioneering hip hop tours, Fresh Fest with line ups such as Run-DMC, Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys, Newcleus, Grandmaster Flash, a very young Jermaine Dupri and fellow breakdance crews Magnificent Force and Uptown Express. By the time Fresh Fest 2 came around, the original members had almost all disbanded and been replaced by a younger more energetic crew, the New York City Breakers. Eventually, breakdancing itself had burned out on the national scene and Dynamic faded into obscurity.

The Dynamic Breakers’ presence still lives on through the breakdancing format today.
Their acrobatic style is very much evident in the styles of today's b-boys/b-girls, but more importantly....b-boying was truly the first element of Hip Hop to be openly embraced by the mainstream...rap music came through the door opened by the b-boys…the Dynamic Breakers had a lot to do with the opening of those doors.


Airborne Kano
Motion Wavy Legs
Spinner Flip
Spider Deuce

Dynamic Breakers in a battle against Rock Steady Crew in Lincoln Center, New York