Scott La Rock (R.I.P.)

Real Name: Scott Sterling
D.O.B.: March 2nd, 1962 - August 27th, 1987, Bronx NY

Scott La Rock was the original DJ for the super-group Boogie Down Productions with KRS-One and D-Nice. Starting in the Bronx project gang The La Rocks with Coke La Rock and T La Rock he witnessed the birth of hip-hop growing up deep in the roots of the culture. Attending block parties held by the forefathers, DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa. He was a college graduate and begun working as a social worker in men’s shelter which at the time housed KRS-One in 1986. In La Rock's spare time and weekends he DJed at a club called Broadway International and local functions. The two met and formed the group with two other MCs in the shelter Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three. With limited success producing a hit single in 1984 ‘Advance’ the group disbanded with the peripheral members quitting. La Rock and KRS remained together under the name of 12:14 recording several singles on demo tape. ‘Success is the Word’ was released on the underground circuit through Sleeping Bag Records with radio play on WBLS’s Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack with DJ Marley Marl. Later La Rock would get the break with a small independent record company and with MCs KRS-One and D-Nice, he formed the Boogie Down Productions crew. Their début album, Criminal Minded was an instant hit and is considered a classic and masterpiece of the genre.

Much to the sorrow of the adolescent hip-hop world, Scott Sterling was shot to death in 1987 while attending a domestic dispute outside a Bronx housing project involving BDP colleague D-Nice and his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Sterling was struck in the head and neck with two bullets and consequently killed instantly while sitting in his Jeep Though this may have spelled the closure of the controversial group KRS dedicated their continued work to the fallen DJ. This tragic loss transformed KRS into a more thoughtful artist who continually spoke out against violence in the ghetto. KRS-One often still marks his respect in references to the deceased Scott La Rock. (R.I.P.)