Video: The Game Tatted Up On LA Ink

The Game gets another ink job done, this time televised on LA Ink's reality show. This time its away from the facial area, "LAX" on the forearm. Peep Kat Von D and crew at work.


Posted on Wed, 24/09/2008 - 07:54

Audio: Post LAX Game Joints

"Gangsta Party" (featuring Akon) (produced by Haze)

"Spanglish" (produced by Trebeats)

"Big Dreams" (remix) (produced by Cool & Dre)

Posted on Sat, 23/08/2008 - 09:53

Audio: "Toy Soldierz" by The Game

Part of the LAX leftover pre-teasers, we present the latest from The Game

The Game - "Toy Soldierz"

Posted on Sun, 03/08/2008 - 12:39

Video: Game & Travis Barker "Dope Boys"

The Game featuring Travis Barker for the video, "Dope Boys" from LAX.

Posted on Sat, 26/07/2008 - 00:19

Game's LAX Album Cover

Posted on Wed, 25/06/2008 - 12:27