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Trailer: 50 Cent's "Before I Self Destruct"

Taken from Rolling Stone:

50 Cent’s life is like a movie, so it makes sense that he’s writing one. The rapper is working on a feature film, Before I Self-Destruct, which is based on his album of the same name. “It’s not Purple Rain,” 50 says of the flick, which he also directed and produced. “But it was inspired by the actual music.” (His album is due out December 9th; 50 plans to release the movie simultaneously.)

The film — which isn’t autobiographical — aims to show the complexities of what 50 refers to as “urban life” in a new way: “When [movies] portray certain lifestyles they don’t show cause and effect,” he says. “But I showed characters under pressure in scenarios where they felt like there were no other options, even though there were.” He adds, “There are always options. People just usually start to see them while being incarcerated — for not seeing them in the first place.”

As for a soundtrack, tracks from Before I Self-Destruct the album will be missing from the movie. “Then Interscope would automatically have the rights to it, when they had absolutely no ownership of the actual material,” says 50, who penned a separate score for the film and recruited unsigned artists to record vocals. But that doesn’t mean the tunes are sub-par. “I kept the music up to standards,” says 50. “I worked with it until it was right.”


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Trailer: Notorious Teaser

Deceased hip-hop legend and Brooklyn's finest, Notorious BIG is soon to be represented on the silver screen, as his biopic film readies to première.

This is the official trailer, featuring Jamal Woolard as the man himself, Angela Basset as mother Voletta Wallace, Anthony Mackie as Tupac and Derek Luke as Sean 'Puffy' Combs. Notorious is set for release on January, 2009.

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