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The Game: "I Killed G Unit, I Killed the Brand"

Taken from Complex // By Ismael AbduSalaam

As the news spreads of 50 Cent’s apparent steep sales drop for Before I Self Destruct, former protégé turned rival Game has emerged to take the credit.

In a recent interview with to promote his forthcoming R.E.D. Album, the Game pointed to his on wax G Unit feud from 2005-2007 as what began his rivals’ “downfall.”

“It’s just Hip-Hop and I think that he’s more bitter towards me then anyone else he’s had drama with because look what I did to his brand. I killed G Unit,” Game told “I killed the clothes, I killed the brand, I killed Tony Yayo, Banks, and Buck at that time. Like I really fucked up a lot of money for that dude. Not only for him but my label, Jimmy Iovine, who at this point, I’m apologetic to.”

The feud was all but finished record-wise until 50 Cent recently aimed a few bars at Game on “So Disrespectful.”

Along with the lyrical taunts (“Game you’ll never be my equal…I’m in a tax bracket you’re never gone see/When you cross me”), the Queens mogul has rebuffed any attempt to reconcile, despite mentor Dr. Dre and Game making amends.

Regarding 50’s stance, the Compton emcee feels the rivalry has run its course and does not make any sense business-wise.

“Me and his beef is old at this point. It’s pure comedy for me at this point. When he says something, I laugh. If I shoot a shot back it’s just a joke at this point,” The Game explained. “Nobody is going to kill each other. Nobody is gonna beat each other’s ass. I’m not gonna do none of that. So we might as well get along. We exist in Hip-Hop…We’re not fucking WWE wrestlers, we’re not boxers man, it’s just Hip-Hop. It’s just make music or don’t make music. It’s not a gang war, like he’s not a Crip and I’m a Blood, and this ain’t fucking ‘85, and I’m not gonna ride through his hood and do a drive by, like it’s not that serious.”

Instead of challenging Jay-Z in the midst of his Before I Self Destruct promotion, The Game advised 50 could switch up his tactics and garner more attention with a reunion project.

“If we said tomorrow Game and 50 are coming out with an album, you know how many motherfucking antennas would go up? We could still sell a million records just off promoting it alone,” he offered. “I mean, I understand the business aspect of it. I understand that you know, he’s got a big ego. I’m just not one with it, I don’t have one. I forgive and forget and that’s life. One day you’re alive and the next day you die. So why spend it bitter and mad at the fuckin’ world, man? I don’t understand it.”

With “Baby By Me” as the current single, 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct is projected to sell 160,000 copies and land in Billboard’s Top 5.

At press time, Game’s The R.E.D. Album is slated for a February 2010 release on Interscope.

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Posted on Sun, 22/11/2009 - 08:35