Treacherous Three

Members Real Name
Kool Moe Dee Mohandas Dewese
Spoonie Gee Gabriel Jackson
L.A. Sunshine Lamar Hill
Special K Kevin Keaton
DJ Easy Lee Theodore Moy'e

All members were enrolled in Norman Thomas High School in Harlem together with the exception of Sunshine who attended Brandise HS in Manhattan and formed one of the first recording acts in hip-hop with both old school rap labels, Enjoy and Sugar Hill Records. Accompanying them were two other DJs named Dano B and Reggie Reg. They began performing live in 1978 when they used their connection with friend and original member Spoonie Gee who left the group when he recorded his first single for Bobby Robinson's Enjoy label. Treach specialized in speed raps, especially practising was Kool Moe Dee before they would get their break recording their first single, 'The New Rap Language' which showcased a very fast paced rhyming track that complimented the B-side of Spoonie Gee's 1980 'Love Rap' single. This single was shortly followed with a pair of architectural hits, 'Body Rock' and 'At The Party'. Body Rock had guitars laid down throughout the track displaying a diverse layer of interest making this the first rap track to use guitars

By 1981 Treach 3 had moved into Sugar Hill following Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. Their first releases for Sugar Hill records 'Feel the Heart Beat' and 'Whip It' were applauded as classic rap party jams. One of their live recordings with The Funky Four plus One appeared on the long playing 12” Live Convention '81 (Disco Wax) and not long after the group reached the spotlight in the follow-up hip-hop docu-film, Beat Street performing 'Christmas Rap' with rising star, Doug E. Fresh. Kool Moe Dee and Special K co-hosted a short lived television show called 'Graffiti Rock' in '84 in which they battled Run DMC and performed the segue into commercials.

At this height the group broke up with Kool Moe Dee concentrating on furthering his college education. He later emerged in the scene as a solo artist in 1987. Special K put out a 12” on Republic Records in '87 called 'Special K Is Good' which was very similar to something his brother TLA Rock had released. The Three later reunited in 1993
to record their first LP entitled 'Old School Flava' on Easy Lee's label Ichiban Records who had continued a
career in producing other acts.


  • 1994 Old School Flava (Ichiban)